The Kushites live a comparitively peaceful life compared to the rest of the world. Blessed for their long life by the Greeks the Kushites are tall, handsome and muscular warriors steeped in the tradition of hunters. With the Pharaoh's realm Kemet right on their northern borders the Kushites have adapted to live with the occasional skirmish and raids. But the Nile flows far enough to give them sustenance and fertile ground to farm. With the vast expanse of Arabia only a short sail away the Kushites have the opportunity to either trade or make war upon the Sabaean people of the Arabian Desert.

Their resources are enough to live off and trade with the more urbanized civilizations, but if they wish to hold any world influence the Kushites must expand and bring a new age to the old empires of the world. Their military technology is far behind that of the Greeks or Iranian people, moreover they lack metal resources for the massive forging of weapons, but they had learned a lot from the professional Egyptian army. By painting their bodies with chalk and wearing the skins of lions and stallions the Kushites are a terrifying sight to behold in battle. Their heavy clubs don't need to penetrate armor to hurt an adversary and their tenacity in the melee lets them hold the line for longer than the enemy might expect.

With their roots in nature and their sights set on the riches of the north, a flood of Kushites could humble the arrogant Egyptians and press on to ravage the lands of the city dwellers. Covered in war paint, screaming a shrill paen the kushites will strike fear into the hearts of their enemies!


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